Braun No touch + touch forehead thermometer with Age Precision®

  • Age Precision® technology - age-adjustable fever guidance
  • Colour-coded display for easier interpretation of results
  • Quick and convenient measurement in both no touch and touch mode

Forehead thermometer with both no touch and touch functions. Designed with convenience in mind, it allows you to take a measurement in only a couple of seconds by aiming in the middle of the forehead, in between the eyebrows.

  • Age Precision® Technology - age-adjustable fever guidance
  • Colour-coded temperature guidance for easier interpretation of results
  • Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings
  • Backlight for night time readings
  • Positioning guidance system
  • Clinically-proven accuracy
  • Food and liquid mode
  • Braun No touch + touch mit Age Precision® thermometer
  • Protective cap
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2x AAA batteries
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No touch mode thermometer

No touch mode
No touch mode

No disturbing sleep

The non-invasive no touch mode takes readings from up to 2.5 centimetres away from the forehead. Perfect to take the temperature of a sleeping child without a sound.

Touch mode thermometer

Touch mode

Perfect for waking hours

The touch feature allows you to easily and quickly measure temperature with no need to swipe. Ideal for self-measurement or when a baby is awake.

age precision iconAge Precision® Technology

Braun’s Age Precision® technology takes your child’s age into account when reading their temperature.  It then colour-codes the reading so you can interpret it more easily.

Colour-coded temperature guidance Colour-coded temperature guidance

The back-lit, colour-coded display will let you know in a glance if if the temperature is normal (green), indicates fever (yellow) or high fever (red).

Positioning guidance systemPositioning guidance system

The on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for measuring temperature and the gentle aiming light directs you for correct aiming.

Award-winning fever thermometers

Winner of the IF product design award 2019.