Temperature can be taken in the ear, mouth, bottom, under the arm or on the forehead. Each method is considered accurate when done correctly. Temperature readings can differ depending on the method, so be sure to use the same one for consistency. Two popular places to take a temperature reading are the ear and the forehead.

Because taking temperature in the ear is so gentle, easy and fast, it is a popular site for taking measurements among parents. Braun is also the No.1 thermometer brand used among doctors*. Not only this, but a recent study concluded that, when used in newborns; Braun ThermoScan® 7 offers the same accuracy as the study’s comparative rectal measurement readings.

Taking temperature in the ear

Always take the temperature in the same ear, as the reading in the right ear may differ from that in the left ear. This is a physiological difference which occurs naturally, and is important to keep this in mind when taking a reading.

Consider external factors

Ear temperature can be affected by things other than true body temperature, for example when the person has been:

  • Wearing something over their ears
  • Lying on one ear or the other
  • Exposed to very hot or very cold temperatures
  • Recently swimming or bathing

In these cases, remove the external factors and wait 30 minutes prior to taking a temperature.

When not to use an ear thermometer

  • If prescription eardrops or other ear medications been placed in the ear canal. (Use the other ear instead.)
  • If there is excess earwax. (For accurate readings, make sure the ear is as clear as possible.)
  • If the person has an outer ear infection (otitis externa). Using an ear thermometer could result in discomfort or pain.
  • If there is blood or drainage in the ear.

How to use a Braun ThermoScan® thermometer

If you are using a Braun ThermoScan® thermometer, here is how to correctly measure your child’s temperature with it:

1. To achieve accurate measurements, make sure a new, clean Hygiene cap is in place before each measurement.

2.Place the ear probe snugly in ear canal and direct towards opposite temple.

3. Keep the thermometer steady in the ear canal

4. Take a measurement by pressing the "Measurement" button

5. Dispose of the used hygiene cap

Taking temperature using the forehead

Using the forehead to take temperature is a gentle way to monitor a fever.

Forehead thermometers measure the infrared energy emitted from the skin.

This energy is collected through the lens and converted to a temperature value. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

How to use the Braun Touch + No touch thermometers

1. Before taking a measurement, remove dirt or hair from the forehead area

2. Remove protective cap

3. Press the ON/OFF button

4. If using a touch method, position the thermometer in front of the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows touching the forehead.

5. If using no touch method, position up to 5cm away if using NTF3000, 2.5cm if using BNT400, each using the proximity sensor and aiming light. For patients measuring their own temperature, it is recommended to use the “touch” option instead of “no touch” as it is more convenient.

6. Keep the patient’s head still during measurement. Do not move the thermometer during measurement

7. Press the Temperature button to take a measurement

Temperature-taking hints

Make sure you let your thermometer acclimatise to room temperature at least 10 minutes before you’re taking the measurement.

The person being measured should be indoors for 30 minutes before taking a measurement.

Before taking a measurement:

  • Wipe away any sweat with a dry cloth.
  • Ensure that the forehead is clean. If you clean forehead, wait 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • Make sure to move hair away from forehead and wait 10 minutes before taking a measurement.