Braun Pulse Oximeter


The Braun Pulse Oximeter measures blood oxygen levels, an important indicator of respiratory health. A key symptom of respiratory or blood circulatory illness is diminished lung function, which may lead to lower blood oxygen levels.

- Clinically validated accuracy
- Simple finger clip design
- Push button rotating display
- Measures pulse rate

Product details

  • Details & Dimensions

    The Braun Pulse Oximeter is easy to use with a simple finger clip design, push button rotating display and backlit OLED display. It can be used for adults and kids 12 and older.

    Model #: BPX800US
    Dimensions: 2.2" x 1.1" x 1.3"
    In the Box: pulse oximeter, lanyard, 2 AAA batteries

  • Manual & FAQs

    Question: How do I change the batteries on my pulse oximeter?


    The Braun Pulse Oximeter comes with 2 AAA batteries. When the batteries are low, the voltage symbol will display on the screen.

    Push on the edge of the battery cover behind the arrows to slide it from the device.

    Install 2 AAA batteries, being sure to align properly as indicated inside the battery door compartment.

    Replace battery cover.

    Question: What is the best way to achieve an accurate reading from my pulse oximeter? 


    Press on top and bottom housing to open rubber finger clip.

    Insert finger with nail facing up into rubber finger clip. It is recommended that you use the oximeter on your index finger. 

    Make sure you finger is fully inserted into the device and not pressed hard into a surface.

    For additional FAQ or post-purchase support, please visit our support page.

  • Videos & Support

    Getting Started
    Get started with your easy to use Braun Pulse Oximeter with a few simple steps.
Braun pulse oximeterBraun pulse oximeter

What you need to know about your new pulse oximeter. 

Braun pulse oximeterBraun pulse oximeter

The best pulse oximeter is one you can trust. With clinically validated accuracy, you can rest easy knowing the results are quick, reliable and accurate, every time.

Finger Clip
Finger Clip
Simple finger clip design
Rotating Display
Rotating Display
Push button rotating display for horizontal and vertical viewing
Backlit Display
Backlit Display
Backlit display for easy viewing and reading

ThermoScan® 3ThermoScan® 3

Highly accurate thermometer

Braun TempleSwipe™ puts professional accuracy at your fingertips - simply swipe over the temple for an accurate measurement in seconds.

The thermometer brand most recommended by pediatricians

Based on Arendt Consulting Survey reporting that of the surveyed pediatricians who recommend a brand of thermometers to their patients, Braun is the most recommended brand.

Great for infants, toddlers, and adults

The non-invasive infrared tip is easy to clean and ensures you can easily take readings for every member of your home.

Pre-warmed tip

A pre-warmed tip minimizes the cooling effect that could result from the introduction of a cool probe tip. The patented pre-warmed tip helps ensure accuracy, measurement after measurement to a tenth of a degree.

Highly accurate reading

The patented ExacTemp® positioning system confirms good position in the ear with a light and a beep to ensure accurate temperature measurement.

Disposable lens filters

Designed so you can easily switch between users without having to spend time cleaning the probe. Lens filters also ensure earwax residue does not impact accuracy of the reading. 21 lens filters are included in the package.

Large, easy-to-read display

Easily view results at a glance. A built-in memory function recalls the last temperature reading allowing you to keep track of fluctuations.

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