Braun No touch + touch forehead thermometer with Age Precision® - Black

  • Age Precision® technology - age-adjustable fever guidance
  • Colour-coded display for easier interpretation of results
  • Quick and convenient measurement in both no touch and touch mode

Forehead thermometer with both no touch and touch functions. Designed with convenience in mind, it allows you to take a measurement in only a couple of seconds by aiming in the middle of the forehead, in between the eyebrows.

  • Age Precision® Technology - age-adjustable fever guidance
  • Colour-coded temperature guidance for easier interpretation of results 
  • Silent mode for middle-of-the-night readings
  • Backlight for night time readings
  • Positioning guidance system
  • Clinically-proven accuracy
  • Food and liquid mode
  • Braun No touch + touch mit Age Precision® thermometer
  • Protective cap
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2x AAA batteries

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Find out more about Braun’s No touch + touch forehead thermometer with Age Precision®

No touch mode thermometer

No touch mode

No disturbing sleep

The non-invasive no touch mode takes readings from up to 2.5 centimetres away from the forehead. Perfect to take the temperature of a sleeping child without a sound.

Mother and baby sitting on a sofa in kid's room, mother taking baby's temp in touch mode

Touch mode

Perfect for waking hours

The touch feature allows you to easily and quickly measure temperature with no need to swipe. Ideal for self-measurement or when a baby is awake.

Age Precision® Technology

Little boy on mother's lap sitting on bed being taken his temperature with BNT400

Braun’s Age Precision® technology takes your child’s age into account when reading their temperature. It then colour-codes the reading so you can interpret it more easily.

Colour-coded temperature guidance

Baby sleeping in its crib with mother taking his temperature

The back-lit, colour-coded display will let you know in a glance if if the temperature is normal (green), indicates fever (yellow) or high fever (red).

Positioning guidance system

Baby being take his temperature while in mother's arms

The on-screen positioning system confirms proper distance for measuring temperature and the gentle aiming light directs you for correct aiming.