ThermoScan® 6

ThermoScan® 6


Braun ThermoScan® 6 is an infrared ear thermometer from the no. 1 brand among doctors1.

  • #1 Brand among doctors1: Braun ThermoScan® 6 Ear thermometer is clinically validated and provides accuracy you can trust so you can manage your health at home, with confidence.
  • COLOUR-CODED DIGITAL DISPLAY: Our large LCD screen is backlit and colour-coded to provide simple, easy to read results. A green screen indicates a normal result, a yellow screen indicates a fever is present, and red screen indicates a high fever is present.
  • ACCURACY YOU CAN TRUST: Clinically proven to be as accurate as rectal measurements in newborns2
  • EXACTEMP® STABILITY INDICATOR: Accuracy made easy thanks to the user-friendly technology that uses a light and a beep to confirm a stable position and help ensure an accurate reading.
  • RELIABLE RESULTS: The ear is the best site to measure fever as it allows for more accurate reflection of core body temperature3. Our thermometer is engineered with a pre-warmed tip (34°C) that is close to your own body temperature, minimising the cooling effect that can occur, and ensuring accurate results every time.

These thermometers are not intended for clinical use in a professional environment and are for home usage only. This thermometer is not intended to interpret hypothermic temperatures.

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Product features

Get clinically validated accuracy from the #1 brand among doctors1. The Braun ThermoScan® 6 Ear thermometer’s infrared technology provides temperature readings in seconds. It features a user-friendly LCD screen that’s colour-coded so you can quickly interpret results.

Accuracy is made easy thanks to our user-friendly ExacTemp® Stability Indicator that confirms when the device is stable in the ear with a light and a beep and a pre-warmed tip for improved accuracy. It comes ready to use with 2AA batteries installed and includes 21 Hygiene Caps to help keep the lens clean and free from obstructions. It’s gentle enough for babies. Safe and easy to use on the entire family.

Braun is the #1 Brand among doctors1

Colour-coded fever guidance

Makes easier the temperature readings. Display with show green (normal), yellow (fever) or red (high fever).

#1 brand among doctors1

Braun ThermoScan is recommended by healthcare professionals1

Wide-angle probe

Thanks to its wide-angle probe, ThermoScan® 6 gives accurate measurements for the whole family, including newborns.

ExacTemp® Stablity indicator

The ExacTemp® guidance system confirms stable position and an accurate reading with a light and a beep.

Night light

ThermoScan® 6 features a display with a nightlight which makes it easy to take the temperature when its dark.

Disposable hygienic probe covers

Switch users without spending time cleaning the probe simply use a clean disposable hygienic probe cover.


Product details

The Braun ThermoScan® measures the infrared heat generated by the eardrum and surrounding tissue. Since the eardrum shares blood supply with the temperature control centre in the brain, the ear accurately reflects changes in the core body temperature.

Braun ThermoScan® has been proven to be as accurate as rectal measurement, including on newborns2,3. The probe of the thermometer can safely be used to measure the temperature with new-borns as it does not have to be fully inserted into the ear canal to get an accurate measurement.


  • #1 Brand among doctors1
  • Fast, gentle and easy to use
  • Colour-coded display for easier interpretation of results
  • Wide-angle probe for accurate measurements including on newborns
  • Patented pre-warmed tip warmed up to 34°C to ensure gentleness and professional accuracy
  • ExacTemp® technology
  • Backlit display for use in the dark
  • Use with Braun Hygiene caps disposable probe cover to avoid cross-contamination
In the box
  • Braun ThermoScan® 6 Ear thermometer – IRT6515
  • 21x Braun Hygiene caps – Disposable hygienic probe covers
  • Protective cap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 2 x alkaline batteries AA type

1) Braun is the leading brand with regard to awareness, recommendation, and at-home use by surveyed doctors. Source: Gfk, online study among n=800 GPs and Pediatricians in four European markets (n=200 each in GE, UK, FR, NL), fielded in Nov-Dec 2022

2) Loveys AA, Dutko-Fioravanti I, Eberly SW, Powell, KR. Comparison of ear to rectal temperature measurements in infants and toddlers Clinical Pediatrics, Volume: 38 Issue: 8, page(s): 463-466. 1999.

3) Nimah MM, Bshesh K, Callahan JD, Jacobs BR. Infrared tympanic thermometry in comparison with other temperature measurement techniques in febrile children. Pediatric Care Med. 2006;7(1):48-55.

(As eardrum shares the same blood supply with the brain’s temperature control center, the hypothalamus.) – Netter FH, Atlas of Human Anatomy. Novartis Medical Education, East Hanover, NJ, 1997, PP 63, 95.