Braun Healthy Heart App

Get control of your data and your health with the Braun Healthy Heart App. Connects with both your ActivScan™ 9 and iCheck® 7, so you can track your blood pressure, add lifestyle factors and even share data with your doctor. It’s free, download it now.

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Track your data

Get permanent access to your data and track your progress over time.

Trends at a glance

Clear graphs with color-coded readings show your trends over time.

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Calendar view

Track your readings, day by day.

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Complete history

Save and build up a history of your blood pressure data.

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Add lifestyle factors

See how diet, exercise, stress and sleep affect your blood pressure results.

  • Easy input

    Easy input

    Simply swipe the sliders to log your daily lifestyle factors.

  • Instant comparison

    Instant comparison

    See how your lifestyle factors impact your blood pressure.

  • More detail

    More detail

    Take a closer look at each lifestyle element.

  • Connectivity

    Easy to pair

    Connects effortlessly with both ActivScan™ 9 or iCheck® 7 devices

    Bluetooth ready

    Built in to both ActivScan™ 9 and iCheck® 7 devices.

    Easy. Free

    Download free today

    Syncs with your Braun device for easy data access and extra features. Also allows manual data input for use on its own.

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