Braun ExactFit™ 1

Braun ExactFit™ 1


Braun ExactFit™ 1 is an easy to use upper arm blood pressure monitor offering clinically proven accuracy validated and approved by European Society of Hypertension (ESH).
Conveniently and accurately monitor your blood pressure at home thanks to the large and easy to read screen, and intuitive single-button operation.

  • CLINICALLY ACCURATE: Clinically validated accuracy following the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol, Braun ExactFit™ 1 Upper arm blood pressure monitor provides accurate results you can trust.
  • EASY TO READ AND USE: Accuracy made easy thanks to our intuitive, simple design. With just the push of a button, the large display clearly provides vital blood pressure information: systolic and diastolic values and pulse. So you can take control of your heart health at home.
  • FITS MOST ARMS : Universally-sized blood pressure cuff comfortably fits upper arms measuring 22-42cm.
  • MEMORY RECALL: Built-in memory function automatically stores the last blood pressure measurement for easy tracking.
  • BRAUN HEALTHY HEART APP*: Track your progress over time with the Braun Healthy Heart app. Manually enter your data in the app and get the tools you need to make the best health decisions with confidence.
    Store your data, track your progress, and uncover valuable insights to your heart health.
    *Braun ExactFit™ 1 is not a connected device.

Braun upper arm blood pressure monitor has been developed for accurate and comfortable blood pressure measurements. The measuring accuracy of Braun’s upper arm blood pressure monitor was tested at the time of manufacture and was proven by clinical research in accordance with ESH.

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Product Features


Clinically validated accuracy following the European Society of Hypertension International Protocol, the Braun ExactFit™ 1 Upper arm blood pressure monitor is made to give you accurate readings so you can take control of your heart health while at home. With the simple push of a button, our large screen quickly displays your systolic and diastolic values, and pulse. It also includes a universal cuff for upper arms measuring 22-42cm, plus a built-in memory function that recalls the last measurement to easily track your readings.

In addition, you’ll get access to the Braun Healthy Heart app that allows you to manually enter your blood pressure data so you can see your progress over time. Plus, four AA batteries are included for fast and easy setup. It’s accurate. It’s easy. It’s accuracy made easy.

Big, easy to read display

Large screen which displays full reading

Readings you can trust

Clinically proven accuracy following ESH (European Society for Hypertension) method

Simple, single button operation

The benefit of speed and accuracy at the touch of a button

One size fits all

The universal size cuff fits a wide range of arm circumferences

Saves last reading

Follow your blood pressure levels over a short period of time

Product details
The Braun ExactFit™ 1 with advanced, oscillometric technology lets you monitor your blood pressure from home with clinical accuracy. Experience supreme comfort with variable cuff sizes (22-42cm). Get results quickly, easily and clearly with one button operation and an extra large display. Track results with automatic memory of your last reading. For deeper insights, input data manually to the Braun Healthy Heart.


  • Clinically proven accuracy following European Society of Hypertension method
  • Big, easy to read display
  • Simple, single button operation
  • Universal cuff size (22-42cm)
  • Stores last reading
  • Manual entry to monitor your blood pressure and track progress in the Braun Healthy Heart App
In the box

  • Braun ExactFit™ 1
  • Universal cuff
  • Owner’s manual
  • 4 x AA batteries