ThermoScan® 5 (IRT6500)

  • Question: What is the best way to achieve an accurate reading from my thermometer?


    ALWAYS replace the disposable lens filters with a genuine Braun lens filter to maintain accuracy and hygiene. The use of any other brand may alter the reading.

    The right ear measurement may differ from the measurement taken in the left ear. Therefore, ALWAYS take the temperature in the same ear. The ear must be free from obstructions or excess earwax build-up to take an accurate reading.

    External factors may influence ear temperatures, including when an individual has:

    - Poor probe placement
    - Used lens filter
    - Dirty lens

    In the cases below, wait 20 minutes prior to taking a temperature:
    - Extreme hot and cold room temperature
    - Hearing aid

    Use the untreated ear if ear drops or other ear medications have been placed in the ear canal. 

    Use the ear that has been facing upwards, if an individual has been lying down on their side with an ear face down on a pillow.

  • Question: What should I do if my thermometer is reading an Err message?

    Answer: This will occur if the ambient temperature is not within the allowed operating range (50 – 104 °F or 10 – 40 °C.)  In order to resolve this, we would recommend you allow the thermometer to remain for 30 minutes in a room where the temperature is between 50 and 104 °F or 10 and 40 °C.  

  • Question: What does a flashing display or no display mean when I turn on my thermometer?

    Answer: A flashing display indicates a system error. We suggest waiting 1 minute until the thermometer turns off by itself and then turns on again. If the problem persists, reset the thermometer by removing the batteries momentarily. 

  • Question: How do I change the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) on my thermometer?


    To change the temperature scale on your ThermoScan® 5, please follow the below instructions:

    1. Make sure the thermometer is turned off.
    2. Press and hold down the Power button. After about 3 seconds the display will show this sequence: ° C / SET / ° F / SET ...
    3. Release the Power button when the desired temperature scale is shown.
    4. There will be a short beep to confirm the new setting, then the thermometer is turned off automatically. 

  • Question: How can I view the last temperature taken on my thermometer?

    Answer: The ThermoScan® 5 stores the last 9 temperature measurements. To display the stored measurement, the thermometer must be turned on. Press the Mem button. The display shows the temperature, and when releasing the Mem button, the stored temperature for that memory number is displayed, together with “M”.  Each time the Mem button is pushed, the stored reading and an M is displayed to indicate each temperature measurement (e.g. M2).  Memory mode is automatically exited by not pressing the memory button for 5 seconds. 

  • Question: Are batteries included with this thermometer?

    Answer: Yes, the Braun ThermoScan® 5 IRT6500 includes two "AA" batteries. 

  • Question: How do I clean my thermometer?

    Answer: Gently wipe the surface of the probe tip with a cotton swab or soft cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol (70% Isopropyl).  

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