Pulse Oximeter (BPX800)

  • Question: What is the best way to achieve an accurate reading from my pulse oximeter?  


    1. Press on top and bottom housing to open rubber finger clip. 

    2. Insert finger with nail facing up into rubber finger clip. It is recommended that you use the oximeter on your index finger.  

    3. Make sure you finger is fully inserted into the device and not pressed hard into a surface. 

    4. Press Power/Menu button on the top of the device. 

    5. Keep finger steady while taking a measurement. 

  • Question: How do I change the batteries on my pulse oximeter? 


    The Braun Pulse Oximeter comes with 2 AAA batteries. When the batteries are low, the voltage symbol will display on the screen. 

    1. Push on the edge of the battery cover behind the arrows to slide it from the device. 

    2. Install 2 AAA batteries, being sure to align properly as indicated inside the battery door compartment. 

    3. Replace battery cover.

  • Question: How do I clean my pulse oximeter? 

    Answer: Use 70% alcohol to clean the pulse oximeter finger insert area and your finger, before and after each test. 

  • Question: How do I rotate the display?

    Answer: If you want to change the display direction, press and release (approx. 1 second) the Power/Menu button on the front panel. The display can be viewed in 6 different orientations. Do not hold the button down as this will pull up the parameter setup screen.  

  • Question: How do I change the parameters?


    Press the Power/Menu button to turn on the device. With the device turned on, press and hold the Power/Menu button to change the display mode. 

    Press and hold the Power/Menu button (approx. > 3seconds) until you enter the parameter setup menu 1 and hold down again (approx. 3 seconds) to enter screen 2. 

    1. In menu 1 or 2 press the Power/Menu button to cycle through the various parameters. You will see the * move to each parameter as you cycle through. When you are at the parameter you wish to change, press the Power/Menu button for 3 seconds to change the parameter setting. 
    2. If you wish to restore to factory settings, move the * to the restore selection on menu 1 and hold the Power/ Menu button down for approximately 3 seconds. 
    3. To exit the menus and return to the measurement screen, move the * to the exit selection on menu 1 or 2 and hold the Power/Menu button for 3 seconds, or simply wait 10-12 seconds without interacting with device and it will return to the measurement screen. 

  • Question: What are the different numbers on my pulse oximeter?


    SpO2 = Blood oxygen level 
    PR bpm = Pulse rate (beats per minute) 

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