Must Have Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby RegistryMust Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

I remember the day when my husband told me the results on the stick were positive. I remember it was like yesterday because it was the only time I didn’t look at the results. It was my husband who did and told me we were pregnant. Yup!

Fast forward a few weeks later: successfully passing the first trimester and getting the surprise of finding out we were expecting twins. We had a mini panic attack because we realized that we had NO IDEA what we needed for a baby, let alone twins! With my baby shower fast approaching, as well as the twins’ due date, I asked all my friends who are moms to help me make a list of what I needed for my baby registry.

Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby RegistryMust Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

From both sides of the border, they helped me construct a list of necessities I would need for the twins. Necessities like: a double stroller, cribs, hanging mobiles, diaper bag, nursing pillow, and more. Looking back at my Baby Registry, there are two items I wish I had on the list.

A Braun thermometer and a Vicks humidifier.

I have used both these items OVER a dozen times! One thing no one warns you about is that babies get sick very easily and they take a long time to recover. When you have twins, the probability of one of them catching a cold is significantly higher than if you have just one baby.

Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby RegistryMust Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

When they are sick, it’s incredibly hard to get their temperature with traditional thermometers. I’m not kidding! Both of my kids would squirm like a worm whenever I would try and slip the thermometer in their armpit to read their temperature. Sometimes I would resort to waiting until they were asleep to get their temperature, no joke!

I am so grateful that Braun sent me a thermometer when my kids got the flu…for the fourth time this year! This thermometer has Age Precision ® technology that is incredibly easy. All I had to do was pop it into their outer ear for 5 seconds and I was done, which made it much easier to use versus the three previous times the twins were sick. It also helped me decide if I needed to worry or not with helpful colour-coded results on the display (green, yellow or red). Unlike your traditional thermometer, the Braun Thermscan® 7 thermometer is innovative in that you can set it to your child’s age, take a temperature reading and it will display a colour-coded fever indicator. Green is good, Yellow is elevated and Red is …all hands to battle stations

Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby RegistryMust Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

Before I had access to the Braun thermometer, I would Google the temperature reading to see if the result was worrisome, so this is a definite must for your baby registry.

The second item I wish I had on the list is the Vicks Cool Mist humidifier. This is one item that has been a constant fixture in the twins’ nursery for the last seven months! It has helped me a great deal by restoring moisture in their room and provide them relief from coughing, dry skin, and stuffy noses. On the rough days when the twins have a cold, the Vicks FilterFree Cool Mist humidifier has helped them soothe their congestion, sore throat and terrible nosebleeds. Vicks offers a wide variety of humidifiers and you can find the right one for you at their website.

Their FilterFree Cool Mist one is my personal favourite. Plus, Vicks offers a variety of scented VaporPads that offer up to 8 hours of soothing vapour relief. An underrated baby registry item, for sure

Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby RegistryMust Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

If you are pregnant and struggling with identifying what you need when your little one arrives, I highly recommend you add these two items to your baby registry. We all like to think about what we need when the baby is healthy but these two items will help take care of them when they are sick and under the weather.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Braun and Vicks, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I also want to say a huge Thank You to Braun and Vicks for gifting me their products last year. The last seven months, both these products have been a lifesaver in helping me survive multiple cold & flu season.

For more information or to purchase these products mentioned, click HERE for the Braun Thermoscan® 7 and HERE for the Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier.