Braun SensorAir™ Odour & VOC Replacement Filter


Replacement filter for Braun BFD104B & BFD104W SensorAir™ Air Purifiers. 

Granulated Activated Carbon Filter provides daily air quality protection.  Helps reduce smoke and VOC1's like formaldehyde and benzene2. Helps reduce household odours like cooking and pet odours2.

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Braun Healthcare
  • Replacement filter V (BRF-V1)
  • Fits Braun SensorAir™ BFD104B & BFD104W
  • Helps reduce smoke and VOC's like formaldehyde and benzene2
  • Helps reduce household odours like cooking and pet odours2
  • For best performance, replace your Braun SensorAir™ Odour & VOC filter every 6 months
  • Filter check indicator on the unit will light up to tell you when it is time to replace your Odour and VOC filter
  • After replacing the odour and VOC filter, simply reset the filter check indicator light on the unit.

1x replacement filter

Braun BRF-V1 SensorAir™ Odour & VOC Replacement FilterBraun BRF-V1 SensorAir™ Odour & VOC Replacement Filter

Replacing the Odour & VOC Filter

Remove Front Cover*

*Ensure the air purifier is unplugged from the wall outlet before replacing the filter.

Replace Odour & VOC Filter

Remove the used odour & VOC filter and install the new one in the unit. Then, return the front cover to its original place.

Reset the Filter Indicator

Plug the unit in the power outlet. When the unit is off, press and hold the alert reset button for 2 seconds. The filter indicator will flash twice and shut off.

1 VOC's are Volatile Organic Compounds and are emitted from various solids and liquids such as paints, cleaning supplies, building materials and permanent markers. For more information visit
2 All performance claims are based on the room air passing through the filter when used as directed with the recommended Braun air purifier models. This product does not reduce or absorb carbon monoxide gas. Make sure gas appliances are well ventilated.