ExactFit 3 Blood Pressure Monitor (BUA6150)

  • How do I use my blood pressure monitor?

    Sit down, relax and stay as still as possible. Remove your watch and jewelry. Do not cross your legs and keep your feet flat on the ground.

    1. Place the cuff on your left arm in direct contact with your skin. Cuff must be 0.8"-1.2" (2-3 cm) above your elbow.
    2. Make sure the tube is facing in the same direction as your hand and is running over the top of your arm.
    3. Make sure the tube is not pinched. The cuff should feel tight but comfortable.
    4. Turn the device on. Touch the [heart] icon to start.
    5. Push button to take a reading.
    6. The cuff will start to gently inflate. Keep still and do not speak while the reading is being taken.
    7. After the air pressure has increased, the pulse is detected, the heart rate symbol will start flashing.
    8. LCD Display will show the results and AHA indicator arrow after measurement. After using the device, turn it off by pressing the start button or automatically after 1 minute.

  • How do I make sure I achieve an accurate reading?

    In order to get an accurate measurement, it is important to follow these rules:

    - Always take readings at the same time of day, under the same conditions. Always measure on the same arm. The left arm is recommended.
    - Do not take a measurement within 30 minutes of smoking, drinking coffee or tea or any form of exertion. These factors will influence the measurement.
    - Ensure at least 5 minutes of quiet rest before measurements. - - If possible, it is recommended to rest 10 minutes before taking the measurement. Try to always use the same resting time before taking a measurement.
    - If you want to take multiple measurements, wait approximately 3 minutes before repeating a measurement.

  • How do I insert the batteries in my blood pressure monitor?

    Remove the battery compartment cover at the bottom of the unit and insert 4 AA LR6 alkaline batteries with correct polarity (see symbol in the battery compartment). Note: ALWAYS re-set date and time after replacing new batteries to make sure the measurement results are stored with correct date and time.

  • How do I know which cuff size to use?

    For an accurate measurement, it is important to choose the correct size cuff which best fits your upper arm. Choose the cuff size according to your arm circumference and make sure the bottom of the cuff is 0.8"-1.2" (2-3cm) above your elbow.

    - Small/Medium Cuff = 8 3/4" ~ 12 1/2" (22~32cm) arm circumference
    - Large/X-Large Cuff = 12 1/2" ~16 1/2" (32~42cm) arm circumference

  • How do I select user A / user B?

    1. Make sure the Product is in power off mode.
    2. Slide the user switch to user A or user B. The current user mode will flash on the LCD display.

  • How do I set month, date and time?

    1. Switch off the device for the date/time setting.
    2. Press the set button  (4) to start the year setting, then the "year" will blink on display. Press (3) to adjust year by 1 step.
    3. Press the set button  (4) to start the month setting, then the "month" will blink on display, user can press adjust (3) to adjust month by 1 step.
    4. Press set button  (4) to start the day setting, then the "day" will blink on display, user can press adjust (3) to adjust day by 1 step.
    5. Press set button (4) to start the hour setting, then the "hour" will blink on display, user can press adjust  (3) to adjust hour by 1 step.
    6. Press set button (4) to start the minute setting, then the "minute" will blink on display, user can press adjust  (3) to adjust minute by 1 step.
    7. Press set button (4) to end all the date/time setting, all blinking stops.

    Note: Holding the adjust button will scroll the value.

  • How do I access stored measurement data?

    Your blood pressure monitor can store the latest 40 readings for each user. After each blood pressure measurement, the systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate and the time & date of specific day will be automatically stored. Memory #01 is always the most recent one. Once the memory is full, the oldest values will be overwritten.

    1. Press memory button M(2) to review the stored data. The last memory data (sys/dia/pul) with measurement date/time, Irregular Heart Beat and AHA indicator will show on LCD.
    2. Press memory button M(2) again to show the previous data. Ensure that the correct user; A or B, is selected before use.

  • How do I clean my blood pressure monitor?

    To clean your blood pressure monitor, use a piece of cloth with water or mild cleansing agent to clean the case and then use a piece of dry cloth to wipe it dry. Use a piece of dry cloth to wipe the cuff when it is dirty.

    NEVER use abrasive cleaning agents, thinners, or benzene for cleaning, and NEVER immerse the unit in water or other cleaning liquids.

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